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Art and Philosophy
translated from the french

For me wich found in art and philosophy the own characters of the human life, the life with the art and the thought cannot be a renouncement. It is necessary for me thus to share the human condition and to use a terrestrial life until its last wires.

« The sidewalks were strewn with wings, after the angels humanization »
 Ange voilé de plastic - Rome 1978 - Anonyme XXe Siècle

But because one finds while being born a world that one did not choose, it should well be adapted to oneself. Therefore, work consists in expressing and showing in the higher conscience of the species : the concrete dialectique of the world.

Let us let the gods create from nothing, and their devoted to be satisfied with the devotion. Up to now one too much opposed the anciens to moderns, and the permit to the possible, when it is not the opposite just afterwards. Isn't preferable to articulate them in the maximum effort of a work which presents excellent ideas by the means strictly invented for those ?

Michel Wauthoz © 2000.

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